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September 21, 2001     

  Dear Ones,

You are all very much in my thoughts and prayers at this important time in our history. My special prayers to any of you who have suffered losses directly or indirectly in the tragedies that have befallen our nation –
and our world.
It ever has been that our planet has gone through ascending and descending cycles of evolution. In each of these perpetual cycles of human growth and development, darkness and light have waxed and waned
on the Earth.
We now are going through an ascending cycle of evolution in which the forces of darkness are being cleansed from the very heart and soul of Mother Earth to make way for the entrance for an even greater quantity of light than we have yet to experience in our lifetimes. Although it may seem as if we are mired in a period of inextricable darkness, there actually is a clear path back to light and peace.
Many are writing about recent events from a geopolitical or socioeconomic viewpoint. I would like to add to these voices by giving you a metaphysical perspective that I hope will help you to come to terms with the events in the world so you may choose to take action in as positive a way as is possible for you.

* * *

At the moment of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC, on September 11, 2001, there was an untenable amount of darkness releasing from the core of Mother Earth. In this case, darkness means negative thoughts, fear, anguish, pain, suffering, grief, sorrow, greed, materialism, and repressed feelings. This darkness had been building for centuries, not just years or decades. It was seeking expression somewhere on the planet.
In recent years, this darkness has expressed itself as ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, fighting in the Middle East, and in natural disasters all over the planet, most notably in India.
An excess of negative thoughts actually lowers the magnetic resonance or electromagnetic field around the Earth. A lowered or weakened electromagnetic field is like a lowered or weakened immune system – it has less resistance to negative energy.
The influence of your thoughts on the magnetic resonance of the Earth is the part of the story over which you have control. There also are other factors involved in the lowered magnetic resonance around the Earth over which you do not have control. These include the harmful effects of the depletion of the ozone layer, pollution, the proliferation of harmful electronic technology, and the changing relationship of the Earth to the Sun and the changing position of our solar system relative to the universe as a whole, all of which are having a detrimental effect on the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
When the electromagnetic field of the Earth is weak, it becomes far more important for the people of the Earth to raise their own vibrations that compose their electromagnetic fields and bring light to the planet to compensate for what the physical earth is unable to provide. However, when the Earth’s field is weak and the collective aura or electromagnetic field of humanity is weak and negative energy is simultaneously releasing from the earth, it is a lethal combination, as we witnessed last week.
By means of illustration, let’s say that the optimal level of magnetic resonance is 10. The Earth has been hobbling along with its magnetic field steadily moving toward about 5 ever since industrialization began in the 1800s. The Earth’s magnetic field has not been at full strength since the height of the Renaissance and the days of the Agrarian Society. The birth of heavy industry and technology have eroded the magnetic resonance of the Earth to about half of what it should be.
When combined with a release of negative energy as we experienced last week, the magnetic resonance of the Earth plummeted from about 5 to almost 0, thus enabling negative events to easily overtake us. Yet due to a groundswell of love and prayers, the Earth is back up to about a 5 and is pushing for a magnetic field stronger than it was before the decline began - in only 10 short days.
The way you can raise the magnetic field of Earth to the level necessary to protect all of us from the acts of terror that took place last week is through acts of love, kindness, compassion, positive thinking and prayer.
You can begin to see there is a way out of our predicament.

* * *

I prayed for guidance as to what could be done to help the Earth in the days following the terrorist attacks. I had a vision that I think may be helpful.
In the vision, I saw that a cloud of dark smoke released into the atmosphere of the Earth at the moment the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11, 2001. This cloud was analogous to the clouds of dust and smoke that shrouded the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the days after.
The dark cloud blanketed the earth and very momentarily kept any light from entering into the thought field of the Earth. Ringing the Earth, I saw the Ascended Masters, arms outstretched, projecting love and light back to the Earth. Around the Ascended Masters were legions of Angels of Light supporting the Ascended Masters with more love and light. Cradling the Earth, the Ascended Masters and Angels of Light in his loving arms, as if he was holding a small baby, was Jesus Christ. In the halo of light around his body were the symbols of all of the world’s religions. Behind him glowed the golden light of God, waiting to shower the Earth and the people of the Earth with as much love and light as we needed, asked for, and were ready to absorb.
Gradually, each time a person prayed, a beam of light shot up to the covering of dark smoke that blanketed the earth. Each beam of light pierced a hole in the covering. Perceptibly, each tiny hole began to connect with the other tiny holes. The holes in the blanket of darkness around the Earth became larger and larger. The larger the openings in the cover became, the more love and light flooded onto the planet. Finally, over the course of several days, all of the many holes of light connected with each other – and the cover of darkness was dissipated.
This common act of collective prayer, love and compassion is singularly responsible for bringing God’s light back to the planet – and for preventing the occurrence for the moment of any further terrorist attacks. If there is no darkness on the planet, people with negative intentions cannot act. The re-entrance of the light onto the planet essentially raises the magnetic resonance of the Earth and literally rearranges molecules so that negative intentions cannot take physical form – and so that positive intentions can more easily take physical shape.

* * *

On a physical level, much more damage than actually occurred had been planned. Please don’t feel frightened, but from an etheric perspective, it appeared that the perpetrators also had plans for destroying some of the bridges running east and west in and out of Manhattan, for example. They also had thoughts of synchronizing a second series of events on Tuesday, September 18th, a week later. However, the flood of light that entered the earth plane made it impossible for these events to gather the energy necessary to take place.
The light also guided the citizens of the planet brilliantly to hold a prayer vigil at 8:48 am on Tuesday, September 18th, putting a stop to any remaining negativity – for the moment. It is important to continue your prayers and positive actions to counteract a rebirth of destructive influences.
So, you can see how important every positive thought is in averting further damage, and in returning the Earth to its natural energetic equilibrium.

* * *

Where do we go from here? On a physical level, governmental leaders and policy makers are moving into a warlike posture. They suppose this is a necessary response on a physical level. Yet, the grid structure that holds the sheath of light around the planet is very fragile right now. It could not adequately withstand any more pain, grief, or sorrow that would be caused by the deaths of innocent people, particularly from an instrument of war such as a bomb, no matter which "side" the people were on. Just as a physical body must heal and rebuild the immune system after an illness or surgery, Mother Earth is healing now.

* * *

On a global level, the events of September 11, 2001 have created a sense of brotherhood and commonality between many nations around the globe as has no other event in our lifetimes.
The passage of Uranus and Neptune through Aquarius, the sign of brotherly love, has opened the way for the formation of a global community, as I have discussed in greater detail in my book, between now and 2012. It is unfortunate that we have been bonded together through tragedy. But this is one of the many important lessons about the interconnection between every human being and the planet that we are all going to learn - and profoundly experience – in coming years.
From my perspective in Florence, Italy, I witnessed an incredible outpouring of love and sympathy from the Italian people. Shopkeepers along the street in my neighborhood anxiously reached out to me in the days after to ask me if my friends and family were safe in America. Italian friends called every few hours to see if I had news. There were candlelight vigils and demonstrations for peace every evening in the piazzas. The churches were filled to capacity, as they have not been in post-World War II years. The mood here is still one of great concern, vigilance and support. From what I have read and heard, this reaction is common in most places across the planet.

* * *

Many people have asked me if the recent events are a manifestation of some kind of negative karma for the United States. While it is natural to assume that if something bad happens to a group of people, the group of people may have done something negative to provoke the event. The rules of the game are different in an incident such as this.
While the laws of cause and effect (karma) are always in effect, the events of September 11, 2001, were compelled by higher laws of love and compassion. There was a large quantity of negative energy that needed to be released and transmuted on Planet Earth. A group of souls who happened to be Americans volunteered to transmute this energy and in many cases sacrifice their lives to help absorb the negativity. In many cases, the people who lost their lives also chose to clear negative karma of their own or they chose to accrue the positive karma of helping to heal the planet while others simply volunteered to make this sacrifice as part of
their soul’s work.
As tragic as is the massive loss of life, please be assured that there were no accidents on a soul level. All who asked to participate and give their lives did, and those who did not were spared. This is not to suggest that America does not have karma to work out. Due to its positive intentions, the nation’s good karma is strong–
at this point.
Still, it is probably obvious to you that a current of negative energy has been flowing abundantly around the planet in recent years. It has most prominently settled over and been expressed in Yugoslavia, the Middle East and India. Those areas are becoming energetically depleted and the souls of many in the United States, still energetically resilient, volunteered to take on some of the negativity.
You may have noticed that during November and December 2000, when the United States was mired in conflict over the presidential election – when the US first started shouldering collective darkness – the guns went silent in Yugoslavia and the Middle East. As soon as the US presidential elections were "resolved", the fighting resumed in those areas. It is simply a matter of shifting the responsibility for this collective karma around the planet.
You may also wonder why the tragedies struck in New York City and Washington, DC, both powerful centers of American power. There are even more complex energetic dynamics in each of these two locations.
As for New York City, man-made civilization and structures simply defied the laws of nature by putting too many people in too small a space for nature to support in a healthy way over a sustained period – in terms of energy, space for thought forms, and physical resources. During the last decade, many people were asked on a soul level to voluntarily leave New York City to make room for others. Unfortunately, many more people took their places in search of the wealth generated on Wall Street.
Sadly, it appears that there was a vortex of materialism and I dislike saying this, but greed, building up in the area of the World Trade Center. Combine this with the unnatural concentration of human beings – 20,000 of them - in a proportionately small section of Mother Earth. The Earth simply could not hold all of the thoughts and energy generated on that spot. This energy eventually had to be released and transmuted. As illogical as it may sound because so many people were young and seemingly successful, these souls did volunteer to be in the vulnerable position they were in.
The fire continued to smolder for days as the negative energy around the World Trade Center was burned and transmuted. Many of the noble souls that hung shocked and confused in the ethers above the Twin Towers have now moved solidly into the light. While a few still require prayers, the etheric level is clearing.
The situation around the Pentagon is similar but slightly different. The motivation for the people who volunteered to sacrifice themselves at that site was also the cleansing of power – military power as opposed to financial power. The energy of aggression was – and still is – very strong around the Pentagon site. This is responsible for the unnaturally long time that the fires burned in that location. As of this writing, the souls who left their bodies at the Pentagon are still mired in the etheric plane above the Pentagon. The energy of anger and aggression is strong among this group of souls. Many have not accepted that they have traded their physical bodies for bodies of light. These people desperately require your prayers.
I do not mean to single out one group over another. However, the deaths of the people at the Pentagon have been shrouded in secrecy because of the nature of the work these souls performed. They have received less attention and they are in need.
As for the people in the hijacked planes, many of the souls seem to have ascended to places where further evolution may take place.

* * *

The message that I’d like to leave you with is that your prayers, compassion, love, kindness, and positive thoughts and deeds, are in tremendous need and of tremendous help in rebuilding the light structure around the planet so that no further harm is inflicted – on anybody.
Perhaps you may
consider this visualization: Imagine that you are a bright lantern of golden light. Radiate your light to your environment, to the earth below your feet and to the heavens above. Do this visualization whenever you think of it. You will do tremendous good for yourself and our planet – now and always.

Many Blessings for Love & Light,

Laurie A. Baum, MSW
Florence, Italy



* ITALY UPDATE - 2018 *






















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