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"I am passionate about sharing the gifts generously bestowed by astrology. I also am eager to teach you about how you can benefit from the sacred insights into your soul and Spirit revealed by the ancient science of astrology."   Read more about How I Discovered Astrology

LAURIE A. BAUM, MSW, is a psychotherapist, professional astrologer,
and psychic counselor in private practice in Encinitas, California.

Laurie has more than 20 years of counseling experience. She blends the ancient wisdom of astrology with traditional psychotherapeutic techniques to help you see the patterns at work in your life. An astrological consultation with Laurie will show you the most positive direction to take. It will guide you to
your next step.

Laurie will talk to you about your personal identity, marriage, health, finances, real estate, relationships, career, children, family, and more! Laurie also will answer your questions about your life purpose and the reason your soul has incarnated. She can help you find the best place to live to bring the most fortunate experiences to your life!

 Laurie also has extensive experience making global and personal predictions in light
of astrological alignments

Many people have asked me over the years: “How did a nice girl like you become an astrologer?”
The answer is that several decades ago, I was an unsuspecting skeptic of astrology.
I was a journalist at Business Week Magazine in the heart of midtown Manhattan. It was inconceivable to me at the time that the planets could have any impact on our lives!

Then, I began to have precognitive dreams (dreams about what was coming in the future). The dreams vividly depicted upcoming world events, and I was initially surprised to read weeks later about these events in the newspaper!

The dreams became more personal over time. I would dream about conversations before they would happen, about events that were about to occur in the lives of people close to me, and about future events that would unfold (and did) in my life – including, to my amazement, that I would
become an astrologer.

I subsequently dreamed of unimaginable events that would happen in the more distant future, including the 1989 Chinese student revolution at Tiananmen Square and September 11th, 2001 (dreamt in November 1992). During this period, I would tell as many people as I could whom I thought would be affected and would benefit from the information, including a client who worked in a building next to the World Trade Center, who moved to a safe location just months before the tragic
events of September 11th.

Over the years, the dreams have been replaced by awareness of unfolding patterns during waking consciousness. These glimpses of the future and the knowledge of unfolding events has guided my work as a counselor and astrologer.

The opening of my superconscious awareness has correlated with knowledge that the sacred geometric patterns in the astrological chart open intuitive neurological centers in the brain.

I am passionate about sharing the gifts generously conferred by astrology, and I also am eager to teach clients and students how they can also benefit from the sacred wisdom and insights into the soul and Spirit bestowed by the ancient science of astrology.

Many clients report the uncanny ability of astrology to bring understanding to the past and to foretell transitions in the future. Events that may seem unimaginable from the perspective of the present moment often unfold with greater ease as you learn that your life is flowing according to a plan designed by your soul. Knowledge is power. Having the awareness an astrological reading can provide is invaluable in helping you anticipate, prepare for, deal with, or even transform the range of events that will visit your life. No event is good or bad. With the proper attitude, every event is a learning experience that will help you grow. By having an astrology reading, you give yourself the opportunity to open a window to previously unimagined possibilities. An astrology reading will help you understand the sometimes unfathomable rhythm of life. A consultation with Laurie is gift to yourself that is
priceless beyond measure.

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