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By Laurie A. Baum, MSW, Astrological Counselor, Psychotherapist

Your astrological chart provides a snapshot of the position of the planets at the moment of your first breath of life. Your first breath brings an energetic vibration into your body that imprints itself upon your cells. This vibratory pattern resonates with every subsequent breath, attracting you to or repelling you from people, places, and situations that will provide the lessons you have chosen as a soul to learn in this lifetime.

The first moment of every endeavor is important—because it launches a new energy pattern that is always present in the life of a person or venture. The electromagnetic field generated by the birth of a person or venture continues to resonate long after the original act of creation. Thus, it is important to understand the original intention behind any act of creativity or procreativity—because it will continue to resonate for many years or even millennia after the initial spark of thought. Astrology can be extremely helpful in identifying your original intention as a soul in your desire to incarnate. And astrology can help you identify your purpose and decisions you are likely to make to fulfill your goals.

The Accuracy of Astrology

You may ask, “how do the positions of the planets so accurately reflect my decisions and life on earth?” The solar system is a large atom that mirrors the smaller atoms in your body. Due to the law of resonance, the planets in the solar system reflect on a macrocosmic level the atoms in your body at every passing moment. So, if the shape of the big atom changes, so too will the atoms in your body. Then, due to the same law of physics, changes at the atomic level result in electromagnetic changes in your aura and your chakras, which affect your thoughts, emotions, and physical health. These electromagnetic changes magnetize people and events that reflect the conditions of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the chakras that compose the auric field around your body.

The Planets & Your Chakras

Your chakras are highly sensitive spinning vortices of energy that emanate from your spinal column. Chakras also are shaped like an atom, with a defined center circled by multidimensional rings of energy. Each chakra emanates a layer of the energy field around your body, which creates your aura. Each chakra—and therefore every layer of your aura—also has an energetic connection to one of the vertebrae in your spine, which transmit celestial energy to your glands and nervous system via the spinal column.

The Sun influences your solar plexus, the Moon influences your heart, Mercury influences your throat, Venus influences your navel, Mars influences the base of your spine, Jupiter influences your brow or third eye center, Saturn influences your crown along with outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. After celestial energy enters your chakras, it reverberates through your body. Therefore, each change in the solar system has a profound impact upon your health, feelings, thoughts, actions, attitudes, motivations, perceptions, and sense of well being.

Finally, consider that the solar system of which you are a part is an element of another larger atom that orbits a galactic center. Presumably, this galaxy joins numerous other galaxies rotating around another center, which orbits another center, until finally we reach the center of the universe, also known as God.

Free Will

God has given each individual free will, so you may potentially manifest the energies emitted from the heavenly spheres on any level you choose. That is where free will enters in. The planets do not force you to do things. The planets do not make things happen any more than a clock changes time. The planets simply reflect larger energetic patterns emanating from God, of which you are a part, to which you are sensitive, and to which you may react in any way you choose. Still, the energy you bring at the moment of your birth is always present, guiding your decisions, lessons, and the paths you follow.

Your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

Your chart represents a special signature, one you signed at birth. Your Sun Sign is your ego. It is your male energy. Your Sun Sign describes where your will is strong, where you shine, and what you like to do. Your Moon Sign describes how you feel. It is your female energy. Your Moon Sign reflects qualities and talents cultivated in past lives. Your Sun Sign guides your actions. Your Moon Sign regulates your reactions. Your actions and reactions guide and influence each other. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign is the constellation rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. Your Rising Sign reflects your outer personality or mask, also known as your persona. Your Rising Sign intimately affects the way you express your feelings (your Moon Sign) and your will (your Sun Sign). So, for a complete picture of yourself, you may want to learn about your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and your Rising Sign.

Please note that in Western Astrology, which I practice, the “sign,” or constellation under which you are born is determined by the seasonal relationship of the Sun and the Earth. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, is based upon the fixed stars that ring the ecliptic of the Earth. Vedic means related to the Vedas, ancient Hindu scriptures. The ecliptic is the Sun’s apparent path among the stars. The constellations that compose the signs of the Zodiac are located along the ecliptic. Your astrological “sign” in Western astrology is farther along in the Zodiac than the sign position ascribed by Vedic astrology due to the precession of the equinox.

Your astrological chart is the personal lens through which you view the world. No two lenses are the same. Even twins have different charts because they are physically born in different spaces and times. You will bring yourself greater happiness by synthesizing the different aspects of your nature so they work together in perfect harmony.

Why Astrology is Affecting You Now

The planetary patterns are affecting you more strongly now than at any time in recent history for a number of compelling reasons.

• First, the planets are lined up in a potent configuration from 1998 to 2012 that last occurred at the Renaissance, and during the life of Jesus Christ and the crucifixion.

• Second, numerous sunspots, solar storms, and solar flares have intensified the electromagnetic energy emitted by the Sun, the giver of life on Planet Earth. This intensified solar energy has activated latent soul issues for all beings on the planet, and has even activated latent issues and intelligence stored in Mother Earth. These intensified energies are energizing aspects of your personality, and your astrological chart, that otherwise might have lain dormant or remained in your subconscious.

• Third, global warming, and the depletion of the ozone layer and other naturally existing barriers between the Sun and the Earth have been accelerated by man-made inventions and pollution. This erosion of the protective layer around the Earth has lessened the cushion between earthly life and solar light, illuminating areas that had been difficult to see, and giving them energy.

• Fourth, as part of the celebration of the advent of the new millennium, a physical capstone was reinstalled at the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt at midnight on January 1, 2000. A capstone amplifies and enhances the impact of the pyramid structure. Pyramids resonate and harmonize with each other through the law of resonance. Therefore, at the beginning of the new millennium, the pyramid-like structure in your pineal gland, connected to your third eye chakra, was activated by the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The high vibration pyramidal energy reawakened your awareness of latent wisdom, healing abilities, and the power to project your thoughts and prayers. In the days of Ancient Egypt, the pineal gland, which etherically stores ancient wisdom, was said to be the size of a golf ball. Today, the pineal gland of most people is the size of a shriveled raisin. By opening to the light of your soul, by meditating and experiencing the celestial energies inundating the planet, you can expand the size of your pineal gland to the size of a large grape and commensurately expand your perceptions and awareness.

The aforementioned factors are some of the many influences that are accelerating evolution at this critical time in human consciousness—and awakening your sensitivity to energetic influences, such as those emitted by the planets. This awakening will bring you positive perceptions and insights. But as in every period of accelerated growth, those qualities that have been repressed or hidden will rise to the surface as you unearth latent talents. Ultimately, this experience will raise your level of awareness of yourself and of the greater universe of which you are a part.

This time of accelerated growth was foreseen many thousands of years ago by ancient seers called rishis in India. These ancient wise men saw that the Earth and the entire universe go through continual cycles of expansion and contraction, imitating the in- and out-breath of God. These cycles are mirrored on Earth as periods of progression or regression of consciousness. The New Millennium signals the beginning of a 12,000-year period of rapidly expanding consciousness that was foreseen thousands of years ago by the rishis. (Please note that the world expands and contracts in 24,000-year periods, so that this particular 12,000-year period of positive growth follows 12,000 years of decline in human consciousness. Once human awareness reaches its apex in nearly 12,000 years from now, consciousness will decline again for another 12,000 years approximately, as part of the continual expansion and contraction of the universe. The expansion and contraction correspond with human awareness expanding to encompass perception of God and contracting to encompass only
awareness of visible, material creation.)

The changes in planetary patterns, increased solar activity, and even the decision to replace the capstone on the Great Pyramid, are simply external, visual manifestations of divine patterns already set in motion
by the Creator aeons ago.



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