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You are visionary, pioneering, entrepreneurial, active, headstrong, and enthusiastic. You like to start new things.
You are curious, communicative, flexible, conceptual, witty, bright, clever, and multi-faceted. You like to meet new people, and gather and disperse information.
You are sentimental, sensitive, feeling, nostalgic, family-oriented, domestic, nurturing, and resourceful. You like a good meal with the people you love.
You are loyal, sensual, artistic, strong, patient, tenacious, affectionate, simple, and direct. You appreciate a stable life.
You are gregarious, warm, demonstrative, generous, magnetic, managerial, confident, and proud. You enjoy expressing your creativity.
You are poised, balanced, diplomatic, refined, elegant, compromising, fair, egalitarian, and loving. Nothing means more to you than harmonious relationships.
You are profound, intense, psychologically aware, determined, extreme, emotional, mysterious, and transformational. You love nothing more than deep communion with others.
You are perceptive, alert, analytical, precise, healing, perfectionistic, serviceful, and unselfish. It means a lot to you to help others.
You are philosophical, studious, lucky, adventurous, optimistic, and humorous. Laughter and luck are essential to you.
You are humanitarian, altruistic, idealistic, philanthropic, objective, friendly, tolerant, non-attached, and supportive. Friends are a most important aspect of your life.
You are spiritual, intuitive, receptive, sympathetic, compassionate, imaginative, self-sacrificing, and sensitive. The well being of others is important to you
You are industrious, disciplined, hard-working, focused, and professional. Accomplishments are a top priority for you.

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